St. Amant FFA - Plant & Tree Sale Pickup
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2020 St. Amant FFA Plant & Tree Sale
At 12035 Hwy 431, St. Amant High Ag Department Greenhouse
(Accessible from Hwy 431 in new shell lot, follow signs to parking spot)

Plant Sale: Purchase through online link:

All orders placed before 1pm will be pulled and placed on the flatbed trailer outside the gate for easy pick up.  A list of varieties can be found below..

Fruit Tree Sale Pickup: April 14 & 15
All pre-sale orders will be pulled and placed along the outside of the fence 
closest to the Greenhouse

Plant Sale: Varieties

Hanging Baskets
Wine and Cheese
Beach House
Country Girl
Showing Hearts
Easter Eggs
Pixie Stix
Sky Full of Stars
Sunshine & Storm

Lemon Grass
Lavender  Munstead 
Rosemary- Common 
Cilantro-  Cruiser
Basil-  Rutgers Devotion
Parsley- Giant of Italy
Mint- Mojito
Oregano- Italian
Chives- Onion
Thyme- Vulgaris English

Pepper- Cali Wonderful
Tomato- Celebrity
Tomato- Jet Star
Pepper- Sweet Banana
Tomato- Better Boy
Tomato- Brandywine Red
Pepper-Cayenne Long thin
Tomato- Juliet
Eggplant- Classic
Eggplant- Hanse
lPepper- Jalapeno La bomba II
Pepper- Magestic
Tomato- Beefmaster

Pentas- Graffiti 2020 Mix
Zinnia Elegans- Magellan Mix
Viola- Frizzle Sizzle Mini Mix-G
Dianthus- Corona Mix- P
Dianthus- Super Parfait Raspberry
Petunia- Pretty grand mix
Verbena- Obsession Pink- G
Vinca- Titan Mix
Zinnia- Zahara Sunburst
Verbena- ObsessionCasc Twist Vlt
Marigold- Antigua Yellow
Petunia- Tritunia Star Mix
Celosia- Corcertina Mix
Impatiens- Super elfin xp mix clear
Verbena- obsession mix spirit
Vinca- CoraCascade Polka Dot
Coleus- Chocoalte covered cherry
Begonia- SenatorIQ Rose Bicolor
Celosia- Kimono Mix
Impatiens- AccentPrm Mix Pastel
Petunia Premium- Easy wave mix
Portulaca- Happy trails mix
Torenia- Kauai Deep Blue
Torenia- Kauai Mix
Zinnia Elegans- Queeny Lime Orange
Portulaca- Happy Hour Banana
Helianthus- Sunbuzz
Lantana Trailing Lavender
Bulls Eye Mix Geranium
Lantana New Gold
Ajuga Sugar Plum
Vinca Minor Bowles

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