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About St. Amant FFA

A Little History:

   The St. Amant FFA was originally established in 1938. The chapter was inactive for a while when St. Amant and East Ascension were combined schools. The St. Amant FFA Charter was re-established in 1988 under the direction of Mr. Ray Mayers. After many years of molding and influencing hundreds of St. Amant students, Mr. Mayers retired and turned the program over to Mrs. Mandy Savoy Delaune in August 2007.


   Upon her arrival, Mrs. Delaune was given a classroom, a worn-out welding shop, a small, old greenhouse, and a tract of land. It didn't take long for Mrs. Delaune to develop a five-year plan for the St. Amant High Agriscience Department. That plan would include an updated welding shop and tools, a new greenhouse, an addition of an updated woodworking shop, a small barn facility, and raised garden beds. St. Amant FFA has come a long way from its establishment as a chapter!


   Now our Agriscience Department has fully returned to our facilities after being displaced since the flood of 2016.


 We are being led by our 4 advisors; Mrs. Mandy Delaune, Mr. Wayne "Bubba" Brumbaugh, Mr. Shaun Breland and Mr. William Wolf.


Our continuously growing program educates hundreds of students yearly through diverse agricultural courses. Our chapter has won many awards, including First in the State in 2022, 2020, 2014, 2017, and 2018, Louisiana Executive Secretary Sweepstakes in 2019, and the Models of Innovation Student Development Winner in 2013. Each year, our students go above and beyond with their work! We plan to continue the expansion of our department and build on our outstanding success.


Advisor History:

Earnest Tureau

Ray Mayers 1978 - 2007

Mandy Savoy Delaune: 2007 - current

Shawn Zeringue: 2010-2011 

Gary Jones: 2011-2012 

Chris Head: 2012-2015

Brennan Delk: Jan 2015 -2017

Emily Manuel: 2015-2017

Jed Satterly 2017-2018

Clay Duplantis: 2017-2019

Marcy Mahler: 2018 - 2023

Tate Roussel: 2019 - 2022

Raegan Ramage Martin: 2021-2022

Chris Baker: Jan 2022 - 2023

Fallon Plaisance: July 2022 - 2023

Wayne "Bubba" Brumbaugh: July 2022-

Shaun Breland - July 2023-

William Wolf - July 2023-



Courses Offered:

Agriscience I

Agriscience II

Agriscience III

Ag Elective

Ag Leadership


IBEW Electricity



Power Mechanics

Veterinary Assistant


   FFA (formally Future Farmers of America) is the agriculture-leadership organization associated with the courses we offer. It is one of the three components of our Agriscience Department, along with classroom instruction and Supervised Agricultural Experiences, which are individual student projects.

  The National FFA Organization is the nation's largest student-led organization with 506,199 members and 7,429 chapters nationwide. From urban to rural schools, FFA is found in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Through the FFA, students have the opportunity to build premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. Our members are able to build citizenship, advocate for agricultural topics, and develop skills that will apply to any career.

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